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In the opening you says it's Semi-Modular; but it's fully modular.

Other than that, looks are better (as the gold trim on those 80+ Gold PSU's still looks gaudy to me. Chrome is less offensive.) Though, Enermax still hasn't figured out how to sleeve cables, nor did they hear about Ultra (years back) or Corsair (recently) making their fully modular cables all black.

Vreg is actually what I'd call appalling. When the 5v is the best handled rail on a ATX 12v unit... well something is just wrong.

Efficiency is also doggin it on this unit. It's barely better than the MaxRevo. With the price, that's horrendous.

Build quality on this guy, is definitely the highlight though. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of these units living for the next 8 years.

I do like that you noted standard screws instead of using thumb-screws. I often find that the most irritating thing. Especially with cases that give you tons of tooless options in the form of thumb screws or plastic clips on everything; but I still have to use normal screws for the PSU. Seems like a rather obvious oversight.
High end units like this, should come with those basic things though (velcro zip ties & thumb screws.)

All in all, solid review though. More or less expected; but it's definitely dissapointing considering the beasts that Enermax had with the Galaxy EVO 1250w / Revolution 85+ 1250w
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