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Default is a -5v rail important for a socket a machine?

My Mom wants her old mATX case back. In it is a Sparkle 200w PSU

the system is fairly basic: AXP 2400, 512mb DDR266, 80gb hdd, DVD rom, FX5200 agp, 60mm and 80mm case fans, stock amd HSF, and an ECS KS741GX mb.

is the lack of a -5v rail going to affect the stability of this system? I seem to remember a brouhaha regarding the -5v rail being neccessary for somebody's motherboard to properly function. but I don't think it had anything to do with socket A.

one of the online PSU calculators said this setup would need 181 watts, but I don't think the calculator accounts for an mATX mb.
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