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Wow, this has definately been an enlightening learning experience for me. I definately feel more comfortable and confident in my Rig. Oh one more thing, I already have Super PI mod for testing CPU, Any other suggestions for Programs to test OC'ing for say Memory, Graphics card, and maybe some more for CPU? And something that can test artifacting as well? Im hoping those Balistix chips will be good for OC'ing, from what I've been lead to believe, Balistix is a division of Micron, Hence... they should be inlaid with micron chips?

P.S. - a bit personal info here, thought I might share Just got a cavity in my moler. Woke up today with it... and it HAD to be over CHRISTMAS WEEKEND uuuuuuGGGGGHHHHHHH. NO DENTIST TILL BREAK IS OVER, MAN THIS SUCKS.
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