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Originally Posted by CardCounter View Post
Conroe E6600, Crucial Balastix 2 Gig (Dual Channel 1 gig sticks) upgrade to 4 Gig later, EVGA 7950GT in SLI
CPU and graphic cards are biggest consumers, CPU's TDP is 65W (lower in reality), 7950GT peaks around 60w so I would say peak consumption will be under 300W...
Of course in case of low quality PSUs that means requirement for 600W PR rating.

SilentPCreview found both M12 and S12E+ capable to starting without any load and same applies to Corsairs. And I've tried it with 700W M12 which starts well without load.
(that clicking sound mentioned in SPCR's S12E+ review disappears when 12V load rises near 1A)

If you keep it possible to have dual top end graphic card configuration in some point 700W M12 definitely has advantage because of four PCIe connectors.

Originally Posted by CardCounter View Post
I didnt realize he was crossloading rails... hence torture test...
700W M12's full load hot box test is closer to what I would call as torture test.
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