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Default Seasonic M12 700 Watt PSU... Not booting Machine

Hello, I was just redirected here to these forums for my situation. I have recently come across a difficult problem for me to solve on my own. In a few months I will be building a new PC. And of course, I want to pick out the right power supply. To begin describing my problem, I will first describe my desired rig. ASUS P5N32-E SLI Mobo, Conroe E6600, Crucial Balastix 2 Gig (Dual Channel 1 gig sticks) upgrade to 4 Gig later, EVGA 7950GT in SLI, ATI TV wonder card (its old I know), Western Digi 160 Gb SATA, Western Digi 250 Gb EIDE (using IDE to SATA adapter), Memorex DVD Burner Combo Drive, Asus DVD Burner Combo Drive w/ Lightscribe, NEC micro floppy diskette drive, 1 120mm fan w/ UV cold cathode tube, 1 120mm fan LED (Blue), 1 80mm fan w/ UV cold cathode tube, 1 80mm fan LED (Blue), 2 40mm Fans LED {(Blue) for cooling north and south bridge}, Corsair RAM fan, Zalman 9700 HSF, 2 UV cold Cathode tubes, and 4 channel fan controller w/ possible future water cooling upgrade. Using the eXtreme PSU calculator found on various websites, My Peak Wattage was calculated to 700 watts. Now, herein lies my problem, originally I was going to purchase a modular PSU as the size of my case is somewhat small (LIAN LI 60APLUSII w/ window). I originally was going to purchase a Seasonic M12 700 Watt, until I heard about this which im assuming has something to do with this. Anyways, the information where I found this can be located here. So, again here are my preferred choices for PSU, Seasonic M12 600 Watt, Seasonic M12 700 watt, or Corzair 620 watt. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated and any clarification to these articles is also appreciated.

- Thank You
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