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Originally Posted by Henry Chinaski View Post
In my opinion, Corsair chose Flextronics for its new 1200W PSU because the 1200W "gold" unit from Seasonic was not ready. I understand that Corsair never considered the possibility of going to Flextronics for the rest of the AX line.

On the other hand, working with only one habitual OEM is extremely dangerous. Having two or three reliable suppliers it's highly recommended in all business. If Flextronic pass the test of the AX1200, it's possible that Corsair knock again at the Flextronics' door.
We chose Flextronics for the 1200 for a few reasons. We actually kicked off the 1200 project well over a year ago - but with all the high quality 650-850 units on the market, it wouldn't make sense to have a Gold/Silver 750/850 and a Silver/Bronze 1200 with worse voltage regulation, ripple, etc. So we shopped around at various suppliers, and got some off-the-shelf stuff to modify, but it turned out there wasn't very much in the way of quality product that would be available in our timeline and price bracket.

The AX750 and AX850 were not based on the Flextronics platform because it's a tremendously expensive platform and you just can't get that much price out of it to make a reasonably priced 750 and 850. Also, the timeline of Flextronics making another platform for our 750/850 units was longer than Seasonic/CWT/Other Vendors and when we tested Seasonic's sample, we knew we could have a winner with just a few months of modifications and tweaks.

So rather than delay the 750/850 units for 6 months and end up with a platform we'd still have to tweak, we took Seasonic's products (which, by the way, are amazingly good products) and made a few tweaks. Not sure on the +5Vsb ripple - I haven't seen that in the lab - but I've sent the review to our PSU engineers who'll no doubt have a look and tell me what I'm seeing.
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