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Originally Posted by Hunter315 View Post
I was a little disappointed with the voltage regulation in it considering how well its big brother did.
I guess Flextronics just has a better way of doing DC to DC. But I'm not disappointed. I would be if the +12V didn't stay within 2% regulation, but I'm used to DC to DC regulation not being too great and within 3% is still very acceptable.

Originally Posted by Hunter315 View Post
Any idea what was causing its crazy little 5VSB ripple? I was pretty confused when i saw that.
No idea.

Originally Posted by Hunter315 View Post
Do you use the same power meters to measure AC power draw as O_W does? Whats the accuracy on them because +/-1% would have been enough to determine if it hit gold or not i think.
Actually, my meter is way more accurate than the Brand Meter. I use a lab quality Weibo meter.

Originally Posted by suquees View Post
I think the 15.5" length is some kind of monster package.

But no idea with 309mm ... maybe approximately 390mm? Right?
Doh! I'll fix that now.
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