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Originally Posted by Fenix-Dark View Post
I'm fairly certain that the US 220 volt circuits are 2 different sine waves, with a 1 radian phase shift difference between the two (so when 1 sine wave is at its peak, the other is at its trough(? think thats the word, bottom).
That would be a Pi/2 radian phase shift. In that case, one of 'em is a sine and the other is a cosine.

You are right about the amplitude being higher everywhere else in the world. It could damage a rotary tool (unless the tool has a compensation mechanism in place), so I'd be careful. Note that most rotary hand tools may have a single phase motor. If it's a muti-phase motor, you would have no problems

Although I'm not 100% sure, I believe the single phase motor would heat up due to the jitter induced by two out of phase waveforms.

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