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Originally Posted by Fenix-Dark View Post
My father acquired some power tools that were intended to be used with the European 220 volt electric circuits, but we live in the States. We do have a few 220 volt electric circuits in the house (which are 2x 110 volt ones). I'm fairly certain that the US 220 volt circuits are 2 different sine waves, with a 1 radian phase shift difference between the two (so when 1 sine wave is at its peak, the other is at its trough(? think thats the word, bottom). In Europe they have different circuits that are just a sine wave that has a much higher amplitude.

Now getting to my point. Would my father's tools get damaged or possibly break if they are used on one of our 220 volt circuits?
Most US 220v sockets, (Dryer/Electric Oven plugs?) are split phase, or basically two 120v lines, at least according to wikipeida...
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