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Default Multiple PSU vs Single

Just looking for pros/cons on the use of multiple PSUs in a system.

Here's the situation: I'm building a new system and pulling the good parts off of my old one. My power demands could be considerable. My old PSU is a Corsair HX620. I'm planning on running a Q9550 on a P45 board, a single 4870 x2 (new), 8gb of high end DDR2 ram (Vista 64), 6 hard drives (4tb) from the old box, plus the misc other items (fans, rom drives etc).

I wasn't too concerned about it until I read the ATI spec on the 4870x2 that said I would need a minimum supply of 650W.

My new case will support (has space) for 2 PSUs. If the HX620 won't easily handle the load, would it be feasible to add a second PSU that could be dedicated to select components. Or would it make more sense to use a single Large(er) PSU?

Aside from dual components added heat and potential noise, what would the pros/cons be for each option? What would happen to the system if one of the PSUs failed?
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