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I still don't see how it you could potentially trap power though. Even if a rail is OCP'd at, say, 10A or something, if there's no draw from that rail that 10A is still available to other rails, right?

So, in sum, it seems as if OCP is meant to prevent nasty things from happening that end up melting stuff in the PSU. The 20A or something in that ballpark limit is meant to stop a bundle of wires on that virtual rail from carrying more than that and causing some sort of catastrophe. Does this make single rails more vulnerable to melting, as OCP or OPP is only applied to a whole rail, and not into smaller bundles of wires?

If what I'm typing is what I believe I am typing (late at night, eyes unfocused, tired), then isn't multi-rail an inelegant solution to the true way of being safe: putting a mini OCP on each wire for the max current it can draw?
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