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Originally Posted by Killy View Post
My next question would be: Why do they 'overspec' OCP on each rail? Why not do the math so that each virtual rail, fully loaded, would match the specs of the single rail?
They don't "overspec" it. Again, it's not a designation of capability.

What's considered "safe" is 20A, or 240VA. This is the limit the safety spec uses. Usually an 18A rated rail can do 20A peak. They "overspec" the rails to make sure there's almost twice as much power available to the connectors on the rail as the connectors would actually need. If they really DID take the +12V capability and divide it up evenly across the rails, then you REALLY WOULD have "trapped power". That's what makes the PCP&C FUD so laughable. NOBODY evenly divides the +12V into separate rails. Each rail IS "overspec", as you put it, because you do not want "trapped rails".
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