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Originally Posted by rip97000 View Post
I understand current limits and multiple rails, but i was asking more about what jonnyGURU said above (sorry i'm not good at these forums and explaining what I mean yet):

So are companies "fibbing" when they claim to switch between single and multiple rails?
Um, if you understand current limits and multiple rails, then I don't understand your question.

Oh! Maybe I do. Obviously, any company could advertise a feature they don't implement. I don't know enough to know how common that is.

And any company that claims to "automatically merge rails when needed" is saying that they "automatically disable the per-rail overcurrent shutdown before it triggers", which is a stupid way if saying "our per-rail overcurrent alarms are disabled", which is most easily implemented by simply omitting them altogether.

But ones that have a switch could do something. Whether they do or not is not something I can answer.
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