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forgive me i have horrible spelling (gimic vs gimmick above)

i understand current limits and multiple rails, but i was asking more about what jonnyGURU said above (sorry i'm not good at these forums and explaining what i mean yet):
Is it true that some PSU's that claim to be multiple +12V rails don't have the +12V rail split at all?

Yes, this is true. But it's the exception and not the norm. It's typically seen in Seasonic built units (like the Corsair HX and Antec True Power Trio.) It's actually cheaper to make a single +12V rail PSU because you forego all of the components used in splitting up and limiting each rail and this may be one reason some OEM's will not split the rails, but say they are split. Some system builders adhere very closely to ATX12V specification for liability reasons, so a company that wants to get that business but also save money and reduce R&D costs will often "fib" and say the PSU has it's +12V split when it does not.
so are companies "fibbing" when they claim to switch between single and multiple rails?
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