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Default It's real, once you understand it...

Originally Posted by rip97000 View Post
i recently saw a couple power supplies that could "switch" (auto and manual) between multiple 12v and a single 12v rail. would this also be a marketing gimic?
Well, once you understand that "multiple rails" is only about current limits, it should be blindingly obvious what that "feature" does: ignores the current limits. I've seen these "automatic rail fusion" lights, and that's simply connecting the overcurrent detector to an LED rather than shutdown.

So it depends on what you define as a "gimmick". It is something that the PSU does differently, and not just a fancy name for a feature that all PSUs have. But it is just a fancy name for a simple feature, and further misleads the people who think that the power the electric company provides to them is somehow different from the power it supplies to their neighbour.
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