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Originally Posted by Kvar View Post
From what he's saying, the Kill-A-Watt he has is working fine, except for that one power supply and the power line source is the same, yet supposedly cause the Kill-A-Watt to be wildly off. So it makes me wonder what the waveshape of the current is.
No from what I am saying is it doesn't work right about 25-30% of the units I get in (ie it happens on a number of power supplies...on the same day or on different days going through the AVR and the Variac or straight from the wall). Which is why I got a different power meter.

I just through a another power supply on just for fun today:

That unit is using 289w AC according the current I am going to go with the current transducer being correct So the problem is the Kill-A-Watt. While a cool little gadget and useful a lot of the time and accurate most of the time you have to watch yourself because it will bite you on the ass unlike you have portrayed.
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