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The only way to permanently stop updates is: Start -> type services.msc -> right-click n Windows Update -> set it to disabled. In Windows 10 Pro theoretically you can defer installing updates, but that doesn't work - Windows will install them anyway after some period of time, this option is useless.

As for the why would someone want to disable WU, I can think of three reasons:
1) WU can sometimes lead to abnormally high CPU and HDD load, even when it's not downloading/installing updates. But granted, disabling WU only fixes the symptoms and not the actual issue.
2) Very slow internet connection or a very low download quota
3) Some people may seem it as an inconvenience, and they might have had negative experiences with it in the past. This is something I can definitely relate to - when I had Windows 8.1 I actually _had_ to disable WU, because one of the critical updates caused the OS to stoop booting with a black screen. Reinstalled the OS a few times, and this update kept killing my OS. What's odd is that it seemed like an isolated case, I couldn't find any similar reports. And it wasn't the first time that WU messed something up.
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