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Default APC BackUPS Pro. Upgrading my UPS or not. This is the problem.

Hi all,
I'm just planning to upgrade my GTX980 Ti SLI to a GTX1080 Ti SLI, I say this because those newer cards will eat approximately 60W more than the previous one.

At the moment the maximum load on my PSU (AX860i series, waiting for upgrading it) with both cards maxed out and CPU maxed out is of 700W.
Consider a 10% efficiency, the monitor and the NAS and it's easy that my UPS is loaded with 810W.

The UPS is question is an APC BackUPS Pro BR1500GI 865W/1500VA with a fresh new genuine battery.

I have done some testing and differently from what APC says, this UPS is not able to handle a blackout if the load of my peripherals is greater than 800W.
At 800W or less it always handle a blackout for some minutes, at 810W it never handle the blackout, the PC is shutted down immediately.

I bought the UPS to save my work in case of AC problems, fortunantly the UPS is able to handle the load of my PC at work since while working I never go over 800W.

But what happen if there is a blackout while gaming and pushing hard up to 810W?
The PC shutdown (and no one will cry since I was only gaming) but what about PC components?

Can UPS damage the PSU or other components since it isn't able to handle the blackout?

I'm in doubt if upgrade my UPS or not...
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