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Default CHIEFTEC CPS-500S Force

Hello my first post here,

I have a question about CHIEFTEC CPS-500S Force, I ned a new PSU and I found this in a local store at good price and I want to know is it any good for my system and reliable for my needs.

My rig is AMD A10 6800K with 8 GB of ram Corsair Dom's platinum a 1 T HDD WD Blue and a GTX 1060 3GB.

Now I know this is more than enough wattage for my needs but will it be reliable and safe to run my gaming system on, in future I plan to add an SSD very soon and upgrade to Kaby Lake maybe an overclock able I5 maybe a regular I5.
The offer in the store is very nice 30% of for their 5th anniversary for being open, and my budget is kinda tight I dont know how far I can stretch it for a more expensive unit.
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