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Originally Posted by jonnyGURU View Post
At this level, you're splitting hairs with the "cons". Seriously, we've gotten to the point where we're pointing out even the most minuscule detail to differentiate one high end unit against the other.

Either choice is fine.
Let me explain my worrie about the RMx series. Imagine the following situation:

I am using my computer then suddenly the power in my house goes down and some miliseconds or seconds after comes back to normal. Since the Rmx does not have bypass relay, the thermistor would not be cool, so the inrush current would not be limited.

And, about the p2 from EVGA, my case has 5 fans, so, probably, I wouldn't have issues with over temperature. But I think it is strange that an unit of this level lacks OTP, don't you think?

Thanks for the reply.
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