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Originally Posted by rares495 View Post
Still doesn't feel like a perfect 10 to me. More like "let's give Seasonic a perfect 10 too cuz we love them yay" kind of review.
Do you feel the other perfect-10 reviews posted over the years were also biased and unfounded in their praise of the reviewed unit? Please explain why if so, and please point out the differences if not.

If you are going to throw around accusations of fanboyism and illegitimacy for financial gain, then you also need to bear the burden of substantiating your allegations with more than "it just feels like it".

Otherwise, you're more than welcome to interpret the review in your own way, after looking at the facts as they are presented. Actually, you're openly invited to disagree with the scoring and the verdict, but not to dispute the methodology and the results without very concrete arguments.

Thank you!
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