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Originally Posted by Seasonic Rep View Post
Hi Guys, we sent the 2nd sample is because the first unit, being early production run in a small batch, our factory accidentally mixed in a wrong part. Some were ok, some not. We have since rectified this issue. Sorry.
Thanks for the explanation! Makes sense, and should be forgivable in most users' minds.

Asking another difficult question: Even though the error doesn't actually break anything (just somewhat lessens the awesomeness of the unit), is it grounds for a return? If so, do you know the serial numbers of the affected units?

Personally, going by what Wolfie described, I'd be perfectly content with his unit #1 and those like it.

Originally Posted by TELVM View Post
Is this a toroidal choke across primary/secondary?:

That's a leakage inductance coil for the LLC converter... I might be horribly off, though.
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