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Originally Posted by breixobaloca View Post
The things that most impressed me were the capacitors. Nippon Chemi-Con series I NEVER saw on PSUs. Someone know about it?

CE on primary and W on secondary. I don't see any info on the website. Interesting
Tailor-made for Seasonic. You may see them elsewhere if SS didn't pay for exclusivity.

Originally Posted by VSG View Post
Does the EVGA 750 P2 at $130 not affect scoring here? 80+ Platinum units were used before when rating 80+ Titanium units.
Just as a reference. The only fair comparison is among units of the same class, regardless of whether the price premium feels justified - feelings tend to be biased, and we're striving for objectivity in these evaluations...

Originally Posted by HX520 View Post
Scan has it for 189.99. The G-750 is 100 and the HX750i (Platinum) is 132.99, so I don't think it's worthwhile at that price...
As above, that's a personal attitude towards cutting-edge tech, and I can respect that. Still no reason to dock this unit

Originally Posted by schnopsnosn View Post
Well, the EVGA 750 T2 is $189.99 in the EVGA-store, so I don't see an issue with that.

Where I personally see an issue is the retail pricing in Europe. The lowest price for that unit I can find is €215,92.
EU is always going to be more expensive than US, nothing new there, sadly... Seeing stuff on the 'Egg that's 30% cheaper than over here will forever bring a bitter tear to my eye

Originally Posted by breixobaloca View Post
Yup. Really impressive, nice work from Seasonic. The only thing I would like to see is digital system
Why? Obviously the analog implementation is just as good. What do you gain by going digital in this case? More complexity, more points of failure and higher price as well as somewhat lower efficiency at very low loads.

And hey, as far as I'm concerned, such precise tuning in full analog should be considered an art form


As for my own comments, did Seasonic give an official statement regarding the performance of the first sample? Does it belong to a known-not-as-impressive batch, do they claim it's a one-off, or is the performance variance significant on this model?

Otherwise, a well-deserved 10/10, would consider it a Prime example.

Great review, Wolfie!
Careful what you wish for... You just might get it.
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