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well, since AMD is a generation past the 8350 on the desktop, all the comparisons are between the A-10 IGP and the Intel Haswell improvements.

or that comes with the AMD 8350?
The 8350 does not in fact have IGP, so that might help with understanding why reviews are so few.

The key is that neither will result in any kind of playable frame rates in anything except farm-ville.

You are talking the difference bt. 5 and 7 FPS in Crysis, or 7 and 5 FPS in another game...both fail.

Conversely, both(A-10 and Haswell) will be fine for watching you-tube, netflix, and browsing.

Get whichever you like better. If you want to game at all, get a $100 dedicated graphics card...a la AMD 7770 or NVGTX650


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