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    Where did all of the old PSU reviews go

    Well its pissin me off
    Why the hell would companys support this forum, when none of their links work anymore?

    Kinda pointless IMO.
  2. Every metal part of a cable component usb port etc causes a shock when touched

    You would need schematics of the circuits used to charge the battery. Also knowledge of how USB cables transfer energy. Why are you so sure youd need to modify a USB cable and not something else?
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    Which one is best OS

    I read that somewhere, but can not find the website. Any link I run into giving me an address to do so misdirects me, and I get a message that the link is not valid. I found one on this forum that...
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    Sticky: lapped my Q6600 pics and results

    I think your case is the bottleneck. My current system is in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M, and the key thing I had to do to get temps down AND make it much quieter - was to put in a top fan. I added 2...
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    AIO liquid cooler

    I also have a question on the sampling rate of the AIO module.

    8ms -> 125Hz. Will this be attainable on all channels if all channels are used, or will I only get 30Hz per channel?

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    electricity sine wave

    Hello Jaehoon,

    in addition to what Pasi said:
    if you still have trouble with the sine test, please tell us what frequency you want to produce, and we will see how to generate the necessary...
  7. Need Help With Upgrading Current Pc Ryzen 3 2200g 550 Budget

    Id be looking at an 9600k, Vega 64, or a 1080 if you can find some pc3200 16gb kit, and a Samsung M2 drive. Not sure how EU works out but depending on what size hard drive you get and how high end...
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