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  1. Find the circuit diagram of the main board Ricoh SP 150SUW multifunction printer

    Ricoh SP 150SUW multi-function printer board is broken (the power supply is out of 24V) but the disease is not found, please share this schematic with me,...
  2. Find the value of the source resistance atx BM-650W ?

    The power supply as the picture shows, the resistors lose color code, do you have the color code of resistor values R08, R09, R10, R11 to share with me, you see the attached image

  3. Looking for schematic atx Jetek L480 power supply circuit ?

    power supply atx Jetek L480 measures 7volt violet wire and 5volt green wire, I have checked the feedback circuit to remove all the new replacement (photocall, diode zener, TL341, 3-pin lights, even...
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