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asf14tomcat 05-28-2017 07:32 AM

rigol DS2072 dead and hack
three days ago. I received my new ds2072a:rolleyes: . and after couple time turn on and off . the power board is dead . ( I dont know why they use a soft button , feel very annoying and I like my 2 years old ds1074z use mechanical switch )
now time to check what's happents ( I cant send it back to get a replace. because too many process)
the power board have standby power and main power. look pretty same ATX psu . standby power supply power for soft switch, and main power turn on when the orange wire connected to ground . all caps is capxon KF series - yeah this is a rigol not a tektronix or keysight .
after checked I think the problems come from main PWM PFC controller NXP TEA1750 . so I desoldering this IC and order 2pcs from digikey ( wait again :( )
today. I too boring and really want to hack it:D . so I check a Power supply board from DS1000Z and luckily they have same voltage output (5 rails) but DS2000A series have PFC/standby stage ( not too important) . then time to change and see it working
how to hack DS2000A I read from this reply #69
I take 5minutes to completed this process
yeah DS2302A :fire:
now I still wait for some part from digikey to fix the power supply board. and change two diode schottky to higher value ( maybe help it work cooler) . I hope it working ::)
thanks for read

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