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sith'ari 05-01-2016 04:52 AM

Antec HighCurrentGamer M750W (HCG-750M) review@ HWI


Originally Posted by Behemot
The score is very high and it is just a second unit ever to reach score over 100............
Pavel, one day your scores will kill me from laughing!!!:lol:
Only the 2nd unit eh ? Let me tell you a secret....., NO unit is supposed to get score >100% !!!:p

quest for silence 05-01-2016 06:25 AM

I guess the 116.5% rating is due to the fact he analyzed the unit as a "mainstream unit" and not as an "high end unit": a probably questionable choice, but I don't bother about.

On the bright side it seems that he somewhat change the preview info:


Originally Posted by behemot
...It is based on its M12II Bronze high-power platform, which is somewhat combining technology from both the S12G and previous M12II models. This is unlike lower-wattage models of both the High Current Gamer M and Seasonic M12II which are based on modular version of the ordinary (group design) S12II (which is in turn based on S12, and so on all the way back to Super Tornado)...

Just as a side note: shouldn't you add this notice to the previous thread? ;)

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