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TypeRazor 08-29-2008 03:06 AM

How to add more hard drives
so i have an 8 sata port motherboard, but i want to add 4 more hard drives.
i dont want to go usb route, esata, etc
is it possible to use a raid card without the software just for the hard drives?
i dont need redundancy of any kind, because whats on the drives is easily replaceable.


jonnyGURU 08-29-2008 06:13 AM

So you want to have 12 hard drives?

Most RAID cards have what's called "JBOD" which stands for "Just A Bunch Of Drives". It seems to me that's what you're looking for.

TypeRazor 08-29-2008 08:30 AM

yeh, i thought jbod would work, but i read that if one disk fails, they all fail
im not really sure, and thats pretty much why i kinda tiptoe around that but not seem stupid.

jonnyGURU 08-29-2008 08:38 AM

That's not true. That's true of RAID-0 when you're striping data across multiple drives that is seen by the OS as one drive. All JBOD is is JUST A BUNCH OF DRIVES. In other words: Multiple drive interfaces interfacing with multiple drives. If one drive dies, that drive dies and that's it. The data on that drive has nothing to do with the other drives outside of the fact that you're using the same controller card to control it.

TypeRazor 08-29-2008 08:49 AM

ok awesome, thats what i originally figured, the wiki descript just threw me off since it included spanning with the description of jbod.
thanks again, and i look foreward to lurking around on your forums, there great!

sdbardwick 08-29-2008 03:48 PM

I'd probably try one of the approx. $20 4 port SATA-PCI cards first; the only drawback would be the PCI bus transfer limitation of about 90MB/sec. If that is a problem, then there are PCI-E 1x cards with 2 SATA ports (maybe 4 port cards are available - I didn't look) which would remove the bandwidth restriction.

TypeRazor 08-30-2008 04:44 AM

yeh im looking at a pcie 4x version right now, or if i can find a decently priced one pcix i would be happy.
i think im going to go down to my local shop since they get alot of big work i could get one of the cheap.
you think 256mb is enough cache?

Yellowbeard 09-04-2008 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by TypeRazor (Post 42964)
you think 256mb is enough cache?

Easily. If you are not RAIDing the drives, an inexpensive card like you are looking at is a great option.

TypeRazor 09-16-2008 05:11 PM

ive got a follow up question, something im not sure it totally true...
i went with 8 1.5TB drives, going for RAID 5 or 6..probably 5

i read that RAID 5/6 drives do NOT spin down during idle time, if this is the case its going to get real hot, even with my high is it true and is there a way around it?

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