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loudovikos 11-01-2007 06:38 PM

X1950 Pro AGP problem
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My pc has these inside:
PSU:Corsair HX 520W (40A on 12V rail)
CPU:AMD Athlon64 3200 (s754)
GPU:Sapphire ATI X1950Pro AGP 512MB
MB:Albatron K8X800 ProII (K8T800 VIA chipset)
RAM:1,75 GB (1x1gb,1x512mb,1x256mb)
Sound card:Audigy 2
2 western digital hard disks,1 nec dvd-r

I had bought the sapphire x1950 pro agp in the beginning of the year,and i had bought a thermaltake 470w psu with it(2 12v rails,15A&14A).At that time i didn't know any of the problems regarding proper power to the card.The card worked without problem for 2 months but then it started to show artifacts,overheating etc.Tried lot of things but nothing changed.So i decided it was the psu problem.So after some search i bought the corsair psu which is more than enough for the card according to many reviews.The card didn't work with that either.So i returned the card to the store from which i had bought it,they tested it,found problem and gave me a new one(about a month ago).Was it defective from the beginning or the non-proper psu damaged it,i will never know.Anyway,the brand new card(the new revision is much better designed i must say,it has proper heatsinks over the voltage regulator modules) with the brand new psu worked flawlessly for a while but again problems appeared.With newer games and when graphic options are set to high(especially shader and effect options) after a random game time,strange lines and patterns appear,most usually vertical lines with small squares in them.The game doesn't freeze(at least,if i exit immediately) and when i exit to the desktop there are thin vertical lines that appear with spaces between them.It didn't happen in all of the games and in those that happens usually turning off visual details solves the problem.It started in neverwinter 2 expansion.In the same time bioshock,sega rally,pro evolution 2008 and world in conflict didn't have any problems.It then appeared in demos of timeshift,hellgate london and crysis.Demos of unreal tournament 3 or call of duty 4 didn't have any problems at the same time.Thought it was a driver problem.Tried almost all catalyst from 7.2 to 7.10,omega also,the problem persists.Tried a lot of options with ati tray tools,nothing changed.If i set the fans at 100%,it seems that the problem is less frequent but after a little more time,it still appears.The witcher with all options high,with standard fan speed,appeared it after a few hours,with 100% fan,it hasn't yet appeared.In jericho,it appears either way.So i suspect an overheating problem(case has no fans),although card gpu temperature is around 45-50C idle and at full load for hours it doesn't exceed 70C(environment temp 40 idle,50-55 full load).3d renderer in ati tray tools also after a while shows these weird lines.I am thinking of arctic cooling accelero s1.I know that by installing it,propably i will lose my guarantee but what else i can do,since stock fan sems to be inadequate?Anyone experiencing same problems?Any ideas?

Tazz 11-01-2007 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by loudovikos (Post 31150)
(case has no fans)


Add some case fans, get the air in the case moving. Give the thing a chance to cool itself down a little.

The heat that your allowing to stay in the case is not good on any of the components.

geko 12-21-2007 03:37 PM

I'm having the same type of artifacting problem with my HIS Radeon x1950 Pro 512MB. I'm thinking that I don't have enough amps on the 12V rail as it's only doing 25a and I have a lot of stuff connected to it besides the graphics card.

I'm getting the artifacting and crashing/reboot (sometimes) when playing LOTRO. That's really the only thing I do on the computer that pushes the graphics card to it's limit. I have taken the side of my computer off and stuck a big fan next to it to make sure it's not a heat problem.

Loudovikos, were you able to fix your problem?

Lemmy 12-23-2007 11:42 AM

25A is more than enough for that card.
Adding a case fan and removing the side is not a good idea, there is no airflow.
What CPU are you using and what is the temperature. Did you do a memory test?
This is deffinetly a heat problem, or the video card is broken.

MrWicked1968 12-24-2007 08:16 AM

sapphire uses very poor cooling devices on their video cards. The metal on the stock cooler for my X1900GT "looked" like copper, but in reality it was a copper colored plastic film. It was at least cut out so that the thermal grease could make contact with the metal of the heatsink, but that metal wasn't copper or aluminum. It's a much cooler running card with an arctic cooling accelero and AS5 installed.

The stock cooler was tossed in the garbage.

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