View Full Version : Moving XP from SiL Controller to VIA Controller PCI SATA Cards

12-18-2009, 02:50 PM
Hi, I have two 1Tb drives connected to a Silicon Image 2 port PCI SATA Raid card.

I have bought a VIA based PCI SATA RAID card with 4 ports and another two drives.

I thought it would be easy to transfer my existing XP to the VIA PCI Card but cant.

I installed the new VIA card, installed the drivers, attached the new drive, (rebooting each time I was asked after it installed new hardware.

I then copied XP from the SIL based card and drive to the VIA card using Acronis True Image. Shut down the PC took out the card and drives so that all that was left was a single drive with XP on connected to the VIA card. Rebooted and my PC wont start - it says it cant find a bootable system. Checked in BIOS for boot devices and one of the options is for a SCSI Boot device which I assume is the same for the SIL Card and the VIA Card. Rebooted still wont boot missing I think it said NTDLR or similar.

If I take the VIA card out, install the SIL Card and attach the drive the system boots up. So the copy is fine but I guess I am missing something on the driver front so that it boots into the VIA Card.

What am I doing wrong?