View Full Version : AA Battery No Load Voltage Test

07-06-2020, 01:41 AM
Is there anyway to test a battery (AA, 12V, ETC) without a load in order to tell if it is end of life? For instance, I can get 1.45 volts from an old AAA battery I have, but when I switch to the MM's load test at 1.5 volts, lo, it falls all over itself at something like 0.315 volts. When I test it using no load voltage, it puts out 1.45 volts. Is there anyway to tell using no load voltage is a battery is actually bad?

11-30-2020, 06:02 AM
If you don't have a tester at hand, you can test the battery for performance in a simpler but less accurate way. To do this, lift the battery perpendicular to the horizontal hard surface at a height of 2 - 3 cm and release it gently.

If the battery is working, it will fall down with a hard sound and will most likely remain standing. The generated cell will emit a muffled sound if it falls and tip over.

If this method does not help, increase the drop height of the battery to 20 cm. The charged cell will simply fall on its side, but the discharged cell may jump several times and fly away from the place of the fall by several centimeters. There is a perception that this method of checking only works with alkaline batteries, but there is no exact confirmation.