View Full Version : Intel 1333Mhz FSB CPU Pricing

03-12-2007, 12:46 AM
Good, if it's true ;)


03-12-2007, 04:38 AM
CAD, can you go off that link to the page? :confused:

It keeps returning error for server not redirecting, to me.

03-12-2007, 06:11 AM
Works for me :D

03-12-2007, 06:48 AM
It'd have been uber cool if Intel had made them 1337 FSB ;)

03-13-2007, 12:56 AM
If that information is true, that can mean only one of two things:
(1st) Intel is going to do it's best to under sell AMD and make them file Chapter 11.
(2nd) It is a bunch of "hot air".

Don't believe Everything that you see and only half of what you read.

For some odd reason I have a gut feeling that 1333Mhz CPUs are nothing more then current C2D core with extra L2 cache OC'ed to that speed as default setting. That is the only explanation I have for such a low price.

Opinions expressed above are mine.:beer:

03-13-2007, 02:23 AM
(1st) Intel is going to do it's best to under sell AMD and make them file Chapter 11.
MS did that job well enough already with Vista ;)

And the Barcelona, 65nm, R600 delays and motherboard manufacturers have made it pretty bad now.

03-13-2007, 02:45 AM
Pretty much the same thing :)


03-13-2007, 03:06 AM
Barcelona better be 40+% better (which I strongly doubt) or there is not much chance of it now getting any share or hits! Why pay quadruple for something only 5% better? :crazy: Unless it overclocks better than a C2... and they match or better the dual core offerings tit for tat. :(

The power of money, muh hu ha ha ha.

Its slated for June release as of roadmaps I've seen.