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03-07-2007, 10:34 AM
Well my new coolermaster case arrived, its really nice....

something nice about new stuff arriving...

Am I not alone in thinking this computer hardware thing is addictive?

Its not going to be long before I will get the akasa 62 case, too..yum!!

Anyway, its made in china,

Now, apparently, the UK economy from what I have heard is still bigger than china...

well, I don't believe it...

Everything I have bought over the past 5 years at least....

computer stuff, everything you can think of...mobos, drives, cases, psu's...everything...

glass things, metal things, electronics, dvd's, TV's, plastic things, packaging, tools, chargers, cameras, textiles, the whole lot, has come from china....

light bulbs, you name it....

so either I am being lied to, mislead, or the UK economy is vastly overrated, there is no way we can be outputting that amount, if you multiply that by the stuff going to europe, and of course, the US, it must be absolutely colossal, on an unthinkable scale.

I don't believe it for one minute, the west is in dire danger of becoming a 3rd world country....

china and india really will soon be VERY VERY dominant.

It benefits western companies and consumers to some extent, but I can't help in thinking such domination isn't healthy for us long term

just an observation:)

03-07-2007, 11:08 AM
Hang on! The cars, motorbikes and everything p0rn is headed our way.

You wondered why I would want cottage industry Shetland wool goods. :)
In less than 20 years this little industry will be dead...Betcha. (I might be dead by then too)

ianm2, save Britan! Restore something!

03-07-2007, 11:46 AM
Yes we already have an indian built car here, the city (shitty) rover:D Its pretty horrid from looks.

I suppose this started happening with the jap crap arrival late 60s and 70s, actually I really like jap stuff, esp. cars and electronics, and oddly, some 70s jap stuff is now collectible.

I reckon it actually goes back to at the very least the end of the 2nd world war, oddly, england was on top of europe then, now europe is our master, and we are totally subservient. I have no idea what happened since, late 50s and 60s were the turning point, which coincides with many 'revolutions' in music, culture, media, communications.

But this is something else altogether.

What I think chinese companies are doing, is many many western companies are getting things made there, but with western design expertise, i am not convinced MANY chinese companies are upto western engineering design, however, things like drills and tools, there are myriad chinese clones of things like dewalt and bosch, I reckon the companies are buying them or leaking design details, and then building them themselves, so you get close to western quality at a fraction of the price, as the research and development time and expertise is taken out of the equation. We have largely shot ourselves in the foot.

Actually, I think some of the cottage industry things will survive, things like handmade foods and clothing, there will always be a specialty market for.

But we have some cottage industry electronics things, and not many of those will survive, most are already going down the pan. there heyday was the early-mid 80s. Slowly but surely they are now dying off.

Beleive it or not, ebay is killing a lot of smallish makers, as millions of people are buying secondhand there.

And no-one can make single malt whisky like the scots, just like no-one can clone french cognac or spanish sherry, or english ale/ continental lagers. Its the environment/soil chemistry.

I think your shetland jumpers will survive, but cashmere perhaps not. Its hard to predict.

yours, rather, well very worried about the future :)