View Full Version : Playing Video games improves vision?

02-09-2007, 11:15 PM
http://gameinvasion.comcast.net/gameinvasion/news/article/1170958080768_study_video_games_help_visual_accuit y

Researchers at the University of Rochester have unveiled the results of their research into how videogames can affect vision. The good news is that games that are action centric "can actually improve your vision". The students taking part in the experiment were each given an eye test where they had to ascertain the orientation of a "T" amongst other distracting symbols. They were then divided into two groups, one of which played Unreal Tournament for an hour a day, while the control group played Tetris, which was chosen because while it still requires a similar level of motor control, it's visually far less complex.

After around a month, the students were tested again, and while the Tetris players showed no improvement on the test (which in itself is curious - Tetris is a game all about orientating T shaped objects after all), the Unreal Tournament group had improved markedly.