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  1. Confused about resistor labels.
  2. Will a component explosion always create a burn?
  3. FAQ for the basics?
  4. electricity sine wave
  5. Tesla and Bearden
  6. Stupid electrical math question
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 220V 50 Hz & 110V 60 Hz environment
  8. Textbooks on SMPS theory/design?
  9. Live Electrical Lineman Work
  10. The Fabled Tesla Coil
  11. circuits
  12. What Bandwidth O-Scope for SMPS/Linear power supplies?
  13. A really weird way at looking at things
  14. Any risk cause by voltage drop from 220v to 190v?
  15. Measuring ripple current
  16. PFC thoughts
  17. The types of PCB and How does it work?
  18. Audible frequency visualizer
  19. How do medical power supplies achieve such low leakage current??
  20. How Does APFC Work?
  21. Essential Principles of Power
  22. ATX is outdated garbage, and needs a modern replacement
  23. Kirchhoff's voltage law
  24. LLC
  25. AA Battery No Load Voltage Test
  26. The X Files
  27. AC/DC
  28. Cons of LLC?
  29. Efficiency, but at what price.
  30. Fantastic paper: On Size and Magnetics