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  1. What Other Electronics Do You Enjoy?
  2. Popping a Cap in One's Antec
  3. Recognizing capacitors and levels of quality?
  4. How do you reduce ripple?
  5. Hot, Neutral, Ground for EU?
  6. Traces on PSU boards
  7. New Computer Subwoofer
  8. Choosing a multimeter
  9. ferrite coil
  10. What to look for when your PSU bites the big one
  11. Why do "fried" components sometimes re-start working after some time
  12. 8 phase vs 12 phase power around CPU socket
  13. Capacitor Color Code
  14. Need a Specific AC to DC Adapter!
  15. Recapping motherboards and psu's with solid caps.
  16. Recapping Article is Up
  17. Cable pinouts and reusing unused cables.
  18. Circuitmate DM78 specs
  19. Using a Fluke 123 as a O-Scope for a PSU Review
  20. Capacitors with 2x capacity & MTBF made
  21. 2 volt relay
  22. Power Meter with accuracy above 700W
  23. Terminal Strip instead of a harness?
  24. Can this video display idea be done?
  25. Electrolytic Capacitors: Can they be replaced cost effectively?
  26. Need to buy a TEC. Don't know what to buy.
  27. Goot PX-201
  28. psu for gadgets
  29. Fixing the Unfixable Chrysler Infinity Door Speakers
  30. Need exspert advice for creating a load.
  31. Switch ratings
  32. New Computer Speakers
  33. Video signal measurements?
  34. digital electronic troubleshooting
  35. DC Power analyzer
  36. AC water cooling pump
  37. switching signal gather circuit
  38. Homemade Kill-A-Watt
  39. Memory card internal pics - which is best?
  40. wreck my laptop
  41. 12v to 120v x4
  42. Resettable fuse.
  43. Very low voltage in only one room
  44. Home theater audio question.
  45. 5 1/4" Speakers for my Dodge Shadow ES
  46. Ceramic Resistor Question
  47. DSL Filters???
  48. How the hell do you get a hold of someone at ST for warranty?!!?
  49. Speaker Building Time Again
  50. TL brand capacitors
  51. PWM Fan controller
  52. What is this "C+S" cap brand?
  53. Big Woofer
  54. SMD resistor marking ??
  55. SMD Identification
  56. Mixed FAQ
  57. Wich Scope is better for PSU Testing
  58. Help ID white, square component
  59. Bison and Portasol
  60. please help me id.this strange looking component
  61. Is it a dimond in the rough
  62. Tethering
  63. Need a substitute for the U16C40 rectifier
  64. Need help identifing this capacitor and finding a replacement cf 150 c 6x2
  65. Need help locating replacement LF Power Amp for load tester!
  66. Oblong Woofers
  67. Trying to buy FDS6900AS
  68. Resistor and Elec. Cap casing colors?
  69. Identify through-hole switch?
  70. Component identification help
  71. capacitor question
  72. Capacitor aging
  73. First Post and a Question
  74. Nichicon Caps... Good or bad?
  75. Variac tripping breaker
  76. making lights blink to music in car
  77. Zero ohm resistor!
  78. Power Converter Efficiency
  79. Werid / strong battery
  80. Where can I buy some electronic component for cell phone?
  81. Need Tips on Repairing a DC Power Jack for a Laptop
  82. Where to get a small 8,4V to 5v DC-DC converter
  83. What voltage should a typical laptop battery charge at?
  84. Hitachi Caps?
  85. Where can I buy some electronic component for Power Supply?
  86. What type of part is this?
  87. ADXL001-70BEZ Accelerometer Chip Need Help/Advice!
  88. In Search of an Accelerometer (s) with +/- 1 - 1.5 g and MUST have Noise in High Freq
  89. EPCOS Capacitors
  90. Diesel Mechanic needs electronic help
  91. soldering help/info (looking for new iron)
  92. The hunt for bulging capacitors
  93. Tranceive data over DC power line....
  94. Hello
  95. Door speaker with onboard amplifier
  96. SATA power
  97. High Frenquecy electrolysis
  98. HEC capacitors
  99. Need a datasheet
  100. Do somebody help me point out what this capacitor is?? Thanks for your enter
  101. Damaged Electronic components
  102. Precautions of hardware storeroom
  103. Looking replacement for optical sensor.
  104. Odd question about A/C digital clocks
  105. ASUS Xonar Essence STX - Problem
  106. Kingcon capacitor?
  107. Can someone PLEASE help me to locate this capacitor?
  108. Capacitor Identification Help
  109. Component ID??
  110. Three-phase meter is defective?
  111. Small 12VDC power supply needed, touch slide dimmer
  112. cheap capacitors... fakes?
  113. Measuring 12V on a dual rail psu
  114. A little info on fans?
  115. SUPER SUPER SUPER noob question
  116. 497AGM
  117. no charger for 3.7v li-on powered oscilloscope
  118. noob here, looking for a solution!
  119. Jwco Capacitors
  120. Capacitor mystery
  121. Capacitor identification
  122. Data on Infineon IC
  123. One for the Jedi - Combine rope lights on one switch?
  124. Electronic Component Sales Rep Wanted! Torrance Ca and Tampa FL
  125. Piezo Capsule Igniter
  126. Heating up a couple of Resistors!
  127. Tongjia capacitors
  128. Making a USB soundcard
  129. HMI touchscreen thoughts
  130. "Memory" switch - what is the component called?
  131. Increase Potentiometer Value to control photo studio lights?
  132. Uninterruptible Power Supply inquiry
  133. UPS Electronics Lifespan
  134. axial versus radial electrolytics
  135. SURE-HIFI 36 volt power supplies
  136. Spam
  137. Help with testing a PCB boards
  138. New toy: Cap tester
  139. Recap questions for psu
  140. Cap Hierarchy List?
  141. custom pcb's?
  142. Whats the differ of a Generator and an Electric Motor?
  143. the wiring on a rocket switch for a voltage doubler
  144. Need help on CABLERY
  145. 2 pin female jack
  146. Is there any temp based on off "electronic timer"?
  147. Lifespan of Solid Caps
  148. Fascinating dissection of TL431 Voltage Reference
  149. What is this? Transistor right?
  150. i need 15kva-20kva AVR, any suggestion what to use?
  151. Need C14 power input for C20 size mount
  152. help identify capacitor
  153. 2 sound outputs same
  154. power supply problem.
  155. Help diagnosing power supply circuit failure
  156. Identifying smd part
  157. component identificationplease
  158. Are brands really being told by the OEM´s the crap they are ordering?
  159. Confusing about Infosec UPS 2000VA
  160. Rmi 18 pin connector.
  161. trying to find a tantalum capacitor
  162. looking for a LCD supplier
  163. Youtube channel with PSU teardowns and the like
  164. Why do we even use ground wires?
  165. Driver side windows control SMD transistor issue
  166. Fuhjyyu Solid caps
  167. Question on the Functions of Capacitors
  168. help identifying component
  169. Question About BLF278
  170. Help me learn about Xbox 360 psu
  171. How to desolder big PSU heatsinks?
  172. Using an ESR meter
  173. 7805 Drop in alternative
  174. Scratches on mobo capacitors
  175. On Transformers...
  176. What component is this?
  177. Power Strip
  178. Filtering noise from powerlines and finding a better headset
  179. How to connect RS232 (“Opto-RS232”)
  180. What ic is this?
  181. PIC18F various output voltage level
  182. Fuck Advance Power and their shitty FETs.
  183. Ripple Current, primary Capacitor, 105°C vs. 85°C.
  184. Chinese buck converters - durable?
  185. UPS charging rate. Need expert guidance.
  186. Japanese Caps?! W H Y??????
  187. PWM Controller Identification Help
  188. Looking for big Nichicon bulk caps replacements
  189. ABC of Electronics: SPST and DPDT toggle switches
  190. Need help identifying components
  191. Would you consider reviewing amplifiers
  192. how to tell if a mainboard has good VRM?
  193. Thanks CWT!
  194. Rectifier 20 Amp
  195. Power Strip Whining
  196. Why is the output filter capacitance so strange here?
  197. Please help find the datasheet of Mosfet
  198. Interrupt Vector calculation based on MPC5534
  199. Question on Power Measurements from Scope Vs Meter
  200. Replacement of components in a PSU
  201. Power Supply Electronic Noise
  202. HX750i ntc thermistor value?
  203. Using FMS6502 and TVP5150 to connect the camera output the video signal with a large
  204. Can somone help me ID 2 components please?
  205. Part of the reason PSU's cost what they do?
  206. Analog front end electronics
  207. EMP
  208. Can I repair surge protector?
  209. Help testing componets / fixing AVR
  210. Can you answer the questions and write comments about my surge protector ?
  211. Lightning conductors
  212. Are any of these fan brands good?
  213. Build a 6S Lithium Ion battery pack with a nominal voltage of 22.2v
  214. Fake capacitors
  215. Variable voltage power supply
  216. Help needed with power losses calculation of a MOSFET's diode
  217. Reforming electrolytic capacitors
  218. Surge protection
  219. Mosfet replacement help needed
  220. Germanium
  221. Japanese Capacitor Cartel 1998-2012 fined by EU Commission
  222. Another 8051 debugging problem please
  223. Interesting comment about SMPS component life
  224. Fan with no moving parts
  225. General UPS and AVR discussion
  226. Lead free solder
  227. Teapo
  228. Polymer capacitors
  229. What is this piece I removed from my hard drive?
  230. 8 pin ttsop package unknown component
  231. Black gunk getting conductive and corrosive
  232. Difference between TVS Diode and MOV?
  233. Fault finding
  234. Is it possible to combine double forward with LLC?
  235. 400Hz
  236. Double forward/DC-DC
  237. Help for repairing Delta PSU (DPS-200PB-189A)
  238. Washing machine trip the breaker.
  239. Antec HCP Platinum 1300W Fan Replacement
  240. Patent for PSU with a battery?
  241. PSU heatsinks electrified?
  242. 140MM PSU fan patent expired?
  243. resistor value
  244. Soldering tricks
  245. Flux
  246. How to check if an RC surge supressor is still working or not?
  247. Scary electric shower water heater
  248. Radio Shack SMPS
  249. JapCaps
  250. Anti-Surge Power Strip recommendations?