EVGA 750 B3 750W Power Supply

EVGA has a new line of units out to give all of you budget minded folks a helping hand – the B3 line. These units are fully modular and 80 Plus Bronze, raising hopes within yours truly that we’ll get…

Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 Gold 750W Power Supply

We’re back in the world of Seasonic once again with a brand new product from them. Today, it’ll be the FOCUS Plus 750 watt Gold unit, a fully modular offering for the budget minded enthusiast crowd. Let’s see what happens….

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 Power Supply

It’s been a very good year for high end power supplies, now that Seasonic came in and made all of us drool with their Prime Titanium units. But as we found out recently, their main competition have not been idle….