Alphacool Eisbaer 420 CPU Liquid Cooler Review

AIO (all in one) liquid CPU coolers may have been around for the past decade or so but they’ve still haven’t managed to catch up with “regular” CPU air coolers in terms of price and the higher-end water cooling kits/loops in terms of cooling efficiently. Realistically speaking an AIO liquid CPU cooler can never match the price of a CPU air cooler of the same range but when it comes to cooling efficiency manufacturers are just not willing to give up that easily. Of course since up until recently the largest AIO liquid CPU coolers were based on rather think 360mm radiators they couldn’t really keep up with the much more expensive water cooling kits based on much thicker 360/420/480mm radiators (and more powerful pumps). In an attempt to balance the scale Alphacool last year released the Eisbaer 420 CPU AIO Liquid Cooler and after quite a few months of waiting we finally got our hands on one and more specifically the newest version featuring 140mm fans by be quiet!.

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