Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 600W (230V) Power Supply

We haven’t looked at a Cooler Master unit in a good while, so how about we look at one of their cheapest units now? The MasterWatt Lite unit in my hands today happens to be a 230V only model tailored for the budget conscious European consumer. Let’s see if it’s worth the little money being asked for it.

PRODUCT: Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 600W 230V
PROD LINK: MasterWatt Lite 600 Product Page
PRICE: 4,000 Rupees @ MD Computers
Price is at time of testing!

MasterWatt Lite 600W

Now here’s a name we haven’t seen in a little while. The last time we saw anything from Cooler Master, it was the MasterWatt Maker 1200W. Before that, it was the obscenely expensive yet good looking MIJ 1200W unit. Combined, these two flagship products illustrated something unfortunate, namely that this company back then had the best intentions of making a splash in the market, yet were not quite able to make it all the way across the finish line to compete with the likes of the best on the market. The MasterWatt Maker focused on software integration at the expense of performance. The MIJ focused on build quality above everything else, and had most of the performance we wanted, but came with a price tag even a German car owner would balk at.

Today, we’re dealing with something on the other end of the spectrum in the MasterWatt Lite 600 watter. This is a bargain oriented 80 Plus EU certified unit that comes with so much lite-ing that it cannot be used anywhere that has less than 200 volt mains. We’ve seen units like this before, of course. Back in 2015, we looked at a unit like this from SilentiumPC that showed us when you cost down a unit enough to only make them compatible with European line voltage, you can end up losing a lot of performance along with it.

So, let’s get right into this review, shall we? Knowing this company, I don’t have very high hopes today but you never know what the testing will bring.

MasterWatt Lite 600W

The box wastes no time in getting into some hardcore marketing. How hardcore? We have numerous technological advancements that have been standard for decades now being passed off as groundbreaking. It’s right in the first sentence up there. Active PFC? Not new. PWM tech? Not new, either. And neither of these things have anything to do with AC to DC conversion performance, because we have seen a lot of truly lousy units come to us boasting both of these features. It’s an ideal for basic computing systems, is it? How ideal is it if you can’t even bring it with you to North America or Japan because the APFC can only handle 200 volts or more?

All right, let’s look at the features listed here. I’ll do this the way I used to, with bullet points:

  • 80 Plus EU (230V) certified 85% efficiency – the 80 Plus people have certification targets just for the European market. Standard certification, which this unit bears, is required to hit 82%, 85%, and 82% at 20%, 50% and 100% loads. PFC must measure 0.90 at half load to pass, so there is no getting this certification without active PFC.
  • APFC + PWM combined with dual forward topology to increase stability and performance – yeah, you and every other low end PSU on the market today. Like I said, this claim means basically nothing because every company has units like this, and has had them for decades.
  • Green power design to meet ErP 2013 Lot6 & new CE energy saving regulation – see my comment on the last bullet point.
  • Silent 120mm HDB fan with intelligent fan-speed control, to enhance longevity and help reduce noise in power unit – also nothing new. You’d be looking at gutless wonder level crap if your power supply was missing this kind of stuff. Heck, we might still be at that level – only load testing will tell us the truth, there.
  • Fully protection (OCP/OVP/SCP/OPP) with build-in Over Temperature Protection (OTP) – we’re missing undervoltage protection from this list, something that can be critical to proper working overpower protection. This unit may still have it, it’s just not listed. Even so, how do you call this “fully protection” if something’s missing?

MasterWatt Lite 600W

Moving on, we have some specifications. Not too much new here, except for the dire warning that there is a 3.5″ Berg connector somewhere in the box. Again, no mention of undervolt protection, which I find a tad ominous.

MasterWatt Lite 600W

For now, we shall giggle with mirth at this side of the box, which seems to imply that some of these come with a US or Japan style power cable. Despite… you know… the unit not being compatible with mains voltage in either of those places.

Time to unpack.

MasterWatt Lite 600W

Well, that was quick. We have a power supply, power cord, bag of screws, a warranty booklet, and a surprisingly decent user guide which doesn’t give away too much info, but does tell us the temperature at which we can expect full power.