SilverStone NJ450-SXL 450W Power Supply

First, SilverStone decided to get our attention by cramming ever increasing power output into ever smaller power supplies. Now, they’re looking to innovate again by showing us the first ever (to my knowledge) fanless SFX-L power supply. Folks, let’s have a look at the 80 Plus Platinum Nightjar 450-SXL and we’ll see just how good an idea it is to consider taking fans out of such a small housing.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
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Silverstone NJ450-SXL 450W

Good day to you, folks of the Internet. Today, I’m looking at another fanless unit. But this isn’t just any fanless unit, no sir… SilverStone has decided to go all innovative on us again. This is the first SFX-L size unit to go fanless, and it does so in a rather unique way I haven’t seen before.

We have some box pictures to get through before I tell you more about that. Above, we can see all of the marketing bullet points for this unit. These include the fact that the unit is supposedly good for full power to forty degrees, has full modularity, is rated for Platinum efficiency, and has a bunch of cables that plug into it.

Silverstone NJ450-SXL 450W

Here, we have the back of the box with all the marketing we already saw reprinted in numerous languages. Nothing new or unusual back here.

Silverstone NJ450-SXL 450W

Nor does this part of the box solve the mystery. All we have here are the specifications and connectors, which unfortunately look to include the world’s most useless and easily misused connector of them all, the Berg. That’s it there, on the far right.

Silverstone NJ450-SXL 450W

Now, upon unpacking the box, I can finally tell you what makes this fanless unit different from all the rest. Fanless units are nothing new, of course. We’ve seen them done over and over. But most of these fanless units still require some air moving through them to cool their various parts.

This one… does not. This one has no ventilation holes at all in the housing, because the entire housing is a heatsink. This in itself is impressive enough, but the fact that SilverStone still has this rated at forty degrees is another kettle of fish. Think about it… this unit cannot be cooled well at all through ventilation, because no air can move through it. It’s going to just sit there and bake the whole time it’s used. But it’s stout enough to still be rated at forty degrees. Now, don’t think this means you can just shove this little guy into a fanless box and forget about it. No, it’ll still need at least some cooling, and I’m not sure convection alone is going to be enough. Best to plan on using some fannage elsewhere in the rig, just in case.

What did I find in the box? Just what you see above: two excellent manuals, a power cord, a power supply, screws, and some cables. Once again, SilverStone’s decided not to throw in an ATX adapter plate.