Enermax RevoBron 700W Power Supply

Once upon a time, LEPA, sister company to Enermax, sent us a 1kW 80 Plus Bronze unit built by Yuelin that turned into an unmitigated disaster performance wise. Today, we’ll be looking at a new budget minded unit from Enermax, the RevoBron 700W. We’re going to see if this unit deals with the multitude of issues the old LEPA unit had. Either this is going to be a fun review for all the wrong reasons or all the right reasons. Let’s delay no longer and see what this little guy is all about.

PRODUCT: Enermax RevoBron 700W
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Enermax RevoBron 700W

Once upon a time, I reviewed a power supply named Max. Max came from a company named LEPA which is a sister company to Enermax. But things did not go well for Max, did they? A bargain unit intended for those who needed a thousand watts on a budget, Max scored lower on performance than I can remember seeing from any non gutless wonder. As a result, I think we all came away rather disappointed.

But times have changed and we’re getting new 80 Plus Bronze units from Enermax to help us forget how the LEPA unit handled our tests. MaxBron has now become RevoBron. And no longer are we getting power up to a kilowatt… this line goes up to 700 watts. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. At a thousand watts, you should not be looking to cheap out on anything like the old MaxBron. You can get a Focus Plus 1kW right now at NewEgg for $160, and if you can afford the stuff that requires a thousand watts you can definitely afford that there Seasonic.

Right away, the box promises, we have one extra feature I wasn’t expecting: the addition of the CoolerGenie fan controller we saw with the big MaxTytan 1250W unit. I’m not sure if Enermax plans to throw this into every single RevoBron unit, but as long as the price isn’t too heavily impacted I say good on them for adding extra goodies at a price point they are not expected.

Enermax RevoBron 700W

This being Enermax, everything is a feature that needs to be highlighted on the box. Has enclosure! Plugs into wall! Occupies space and time simultaneously!

Seriously, though… for a budget unit, Enermax went way overboard on this one. Aside from the CoolerGenie, it has that dust free rotation feature on its twister bearing fan that I’m still not sure is worth anything. Japanese capacitors. Protection. 80 Plus Bronze. Enermax has gone all out to make sure we buy this unit instead of Brand X, and if the performance is decent to back up all these extra features then we might just have something, here.

The most interesting facet of this box, however, is the dual 12V rails. Enermax is bucking the trend of throwing single 12V at everything and calling it superior, and I like that a lot. Provided, that is, it’s been done right. Early multiple 12V units were totally responsible for the current single 12V craze. They followed the Intel SSI 240 volt-ampere spec to a tee, with dual rail models usually throwing one 20A current limited rail at the CPU while forcing the rest onto the other one. As a result, when high power video cards came along and started tripping overcurrent protection, consumers assumed that their power supplies were gutless wonders. The way around that at the time was to go find a single 12V unit, because no company was doing multi-rail with consumer use in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still situations where you want single 12V. It’s just that a properly designed multi-rail unit will never give most of us any issues.

Enermax RevoBron 700W

That said, I’m not too sure about this unit and its little brothers just yet. We have no way to tell so far which cables are on which rail. I’ll check on that later for you.

Enermax RevoBron 700W

Meantime, the box has a chart of all the cables that come with the unit. This is a semi-modular unit, so the ATX and CPU cables are hardwired.

Oh, joy. Another blasted Berg (FDD) connector. At least it’s on an adapter… I score against the ones you can’t get rid of without wire cutting.

Enermax RevoBron 700W

Inside the box, we have a CoolerGenie in a box, power cord, user guide, screws, some cable ties, modular cables, a modular cable bag, and the power supply itself.

The manual is somewhat decent but is totally lacking the 12V rail assignments so I’ll be scoring on that later.

Enermax RevoBron 700W

This is the CoolerGenie – as mentioned, it’s the same unit we saw with the MaxTytan. It’s a nice addition to the unit, but carries with it that same low 2A current rating so you do need to watch what you plug into it.