Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000 Platinum Power Supply

Let’s look at another one of Seasonic’s PRIME Ultra units today. This time, it’ll be the Platinum 1kW variant of the platform, where Seasonic promises all the performance we came to expect with the old unit, except without those meddlesome in cable capacitors. Let’s see what happens.

PRODUCT: PRIME Ultra 1000 Platinum
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Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

Folks, we’re going to Sea another Sonic today as we look further into the new PRIME Ultra platform. Thus far, we’ve found only minor functionality changes have taken place, but then again all we’ve looked at so far have been the Titanium models. It could easily be argued that those units were already so good that there really wasn’t a lot that Seasonic could do to improve on them.

But is that the case for the non-Titanium models as well? That’s what I hope to find out today, as I look at the PRIME Ultra 1000 Platinum unit.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

Normally, I go from the front of the box to the back of the box. This time, I’m changing things up a bit to introduce some excitement into this page. I know, I know… I almost gave you guys heart attacks by showing you the side of the box this time. Sorry. I’ll try to be more boring next time.

This is the side of the box with the cables on it. As has been the case with the Titanium models, it is not correct… there is no Berg adapter included, it has been replaced by the SATA 3.3 adapter Seasonic has made available instead. While it’s understandable that Seasonic would not want to go printing up a thousand new boxes just to fix a minor printing mistake, it’s also puzzling how it could have been missed when this very panel on the box does mention the SATA 3.3 connectors right at the top. Anyway, that’s still such a minor nitpick I’m not planning to worry about it.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

Ok, now you get to see the back of the box. Marketing is about the same as we saw with the Titanium units, and absolutely nothing we haven’t seen multiple times before. And recently, at that.

What is missing is one of the big changes for the PRIME Ultras – the lack of in cable capacitors. See, that was unchanged for the Titanium units because they never had the in cable parts. However, the original PRIME Platinum units did have those and they’ve now been removed. This, I expect, will lead to the only performance difference we’ll see today. If, indeed, we see any change at all. I don’t think the performance otherwise will be much different than the original PRIME Platinum.

But I could be wrong. We’ll get to the science in good time.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

But first, I know you guys love your box pictures, so here’s another one for you. Just in case you want to see the load table a page early.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

Packaging is the same as the Titanium models: two manuals, a quick installation guide, a bag of goodies, a flyer, a power cord, a power supply in a blankie, and some cables in a bag.

Documentation is the same as the Titaniums, so I’ll score similarly.

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000W Platinum

The power supply tester seen in this shot, which connects to the motherboard connector on the ATX cable, is the same type used by EVGA to check that your unit works before plugging in a bunch of expensive computer hardware. I like these when I need to bench test car stereos with one of my old ATX review samples. Otherwise, they get little use around here. When you have access to a load tester, one of these little doohickeys isn’t necessary. But I do like it when I see them included for those who don’t have a three thousand dollar FastAuto ATE.

Other goodies pictured include a ton of zip ties, some cable ties, some screws, and two case stickers.