Kolink Continuum 1500W Power Supply

For my second review of 2018, we’ll be revisiting the products of Hungarian company Kolink. Today, it’ll be the 1500 watt Continuum model under the microscope. Let’s see if this unit makes more of an impression on us.

PRODUCT: Kolink Continuum 1500W
PROD LINK: Continuum 1500W Prod Page
PRICE: 299.90€ @ CaseKing
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Kolink Continuum 1500W

Good day to all, and welcome to my second review of 2018. Today, we will be looking at the second coming of Kolink, a company from overseas that would like to make its mark in the industry. While it was unfortunate that the Continuum 1050W came up somewhat short of that goal, Kolink is looking to take another swing at things today with the big brother of that unit, the Continuum 1500W.

While the front of the box isn’t too forthcoming with information, we can already tell that this unit brings full modularity to the table. This is practically necessary at this end of the market now, as companies like Super Flower and Corsair have had units this size that are fully modular for years now.

Let’s look at the box some more and see what else this thing promises.

Kolink Continuum 1500W

80 Plus Platinum is good. Not quite competitive with the most efficient at this size, but good enough for most people who realize that Titanium efficiency is rarely worth the extra cost over Platinum.

The fan blurb gives me some pause… while I love seeing the ball bearings being mentioned, this comes somewhat at odds with the silence claim. Ball bearing fans are one thing… reliable. This usually comes at the expense of silence. We’ll have to see if I can hear this thing over the sound of the load tester fans later.

Everything else is pretty much standard fare with these things. DC to DC is practically necessary these days to get this kind of efficiency out of these, so that’s no shock. Lots of protection? Mandatory on a 1500W. Japanese capacitors? Gotta love that. Best ripple protection? Oh, we’ll see about that one.

Kolink Continuum 1500W

Power supplies need cables and connectors to do their job, and this box lets us know what to expect. Even if the PCI-e section is confusing (and wrong, but we’ll get into that later). As we saw with little brother, there is no mention of any 3.5″ floppy connectors, so I’m already pleased with the way this review is going.

Kolink Continuum 1500W

This side of the box gives us a load table with a nice little typo in there. See if you can find it. Hint: current is not measured in watts.

Kolink Continuum 1500W

Unpacking the box, we find a user guide, a power supply clearly made by Enhance, and a box of accessories. I’m happy about Enhance as the OEM… that’s a definite step up from the 1050W model. However, sometimes Enhance gets rather unconcerned with performance. Could be an issue later.

The manual is the same one little brother had. This time, it’s even more useless, however. Why? Because it doesn’t tell you one dadgum thing about which connectors do what. More on that later.

Kolink Continuum 1500W

Here’s the accessories box contents. Some screws and some cables. That’s it. For a high end unit. Seems lacking to me.

Hey… don’t we need a power cable, too? This thing takes a C19, and those are expensive. If you can even find one. Fortunately, I review these for a living and have a few lying around.