Seasonic PRIME Ultra 1000 Titanium Power Supply

PRODUCT: PRIME Ultra 1000 Titanium
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It’s time to play with our toys. And for me, that means firing up a really expensive load tester to load test this unit, and all the associated other test gear I use to get measurements. I’m constantly repeating that list of gear but will skip that part today because it’s all the same stuff I’ve been using for months now. Except for the load tester, nothing much has changed in a good, long while.

PRIME Ultra 1000 Titanium – STANDBY Load Tests
Test # +5VSB DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F.
Load Tests
1 0.5A 2.46W/
86.7% 0.245
2 1.5A 7.28W/
81.6% 0.443
3 3.0A 14.31W/
79.1% 0.531

Standby load tests come first, naturally. Here, we find much higher than average efficiency pretty much across the board. We also find a nearly out of spec standby rail, dropping to 4.77V at full power. I would have had a major problem with this unit if it ran any lower. And I can hear some of you asking now if I inquired about a second sample… well, this is the second sample. The first did not complete cold testing. Went into protection during test five and never recovered. No noises, no big voltage spikes or ripple transients, it just said, “You know, I’m not working right. I think I better shut down now so I don’t wreck something.”

However, the first did have a better performing standby section. It was more in spec with slightly better regulation. And by slightly, I mean very slightly. It did 2.2% compared to the second unit’s 2.8% and was at 4.82V by full power.

Let us run the main tests.

PRIME Ultra 1000 Titanium – Cold Load Tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive Load Tests
1 1.08A 1.08A 7.47A 101.9W/
116.9V 91.1% 0.976 28°C/
3.329V 5.02V 12.20V
2 1.5A 1.5A 15.5A 206.7W/
116.1V 93.0% 0.989 28°C/
3.330V 5.02V 12.21V
3 3.5A 3.5A 38.5A 508.8W/
115.9V 93.1% 0.994 29°C/
3.325V 5.02V 12.20V
4 5.5A 5.5A 58A 765.8W/
114.6V 91.8% 0.996 31°C/
3.322V 5.01V 12.20V
5 7A 7A 77A 1014.9W/
114.1V 90.2% 0.997 31°C/
3.319V 5.01V 12.20V
Crossload Tests
CL1 15A 15A 0A 126.7W/
115.6V 87.4% 0.985 30°C/
3.320V 5.01V 12.23V
CL2 0A 0A 83A 1017.5W/
113.0V 90.5% 0.996 31°C/
3.331V 5.02V 12.20V

* Fanless operation.

Oh, of course, this thing performs, it’s a Seasonic. I see 0.33% regulation on the 3.3, 0.20% on the 5, and a super impressive 0.08% on the 12V side of things. 0.20% on average. Much mythicness. Such happiness. The first one did slightly better on the 3.3V and slightly worse on the 12V while it was still working.

Fan operation was the same for both – no fan until test three. I didn’t hear much from it.

When it comes to efficiency, this was impressive as well. Test three still needs help from me to pass Titanium, but it gets there. What I really liked was test one clearing Titanium requirements by more than a full percent. I would love to see 92-94% at those load levels in the future if such a thing is even possible.

Let’s go see if the power on spike issues with previous PRIMEs has been fixed. Keep your expectations low – we already saw the 650W had no improvement there.