BitFenix Formula Gold 750W Power Supply

We’re taking another look at the products of Bitfenix today, a company with very little market presence outside Europe. On tap for this week – the Formula Gold 750 watt model. This is a budget oriented model that promises to be as no frills as possible, yet with enough performance to do a good job.

PRODUCT: Formula Gold 750W
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Formula Gold 750W

Bitfenix has promised us today the formula for a successful power supply, apparently. We’re looking at their Formula Gold unit at 750 watts, and hoping it lives up to the kind of performance the last time we saw a Bitfenix unit.

Already, I am seeing a sign that this is likely not their highest end unit. We have a five year warranty vs. the seven year job that came with the Whisper M unit. However, just because a warranty is shorter or a product is lacking features does not mean performance will be lacking in any significant way. We’ve come to a place now where even budget models still have pretty great performance compared to high end units of yesteryear. Of course, it goes without saying that gutless wonders are still gutless wonders, but at a time like this when it’s easy to find something decent at reasonable prices it’s becoming harder for those gutless wonders to fool people into buying them.

Formula Gold 750W

On the back of the box, we have further confirmation that it is a budget model. All cables are hardwired with lengths given here, so there is no modularity at all on this unit. Unless you count the line cord itself, of course.

There’s also a simple load table, a fan curve, some dimensions, and connector counts. I don’t see any features… oh, here they are, on another side of the box:

Formula Gold 750W

Continuous power! Efficiency! Silent performance! All pretty basic marketing points that can be found on any retail box these days.

Bitfenix has not specified here how hot the unit can get and still make full power, but this information is in the manual: fifty degrees. This goes back to what I was just saying… it’s possible to get a bargain unit that skimps on features so you can still afford decent performance. Corsair in particular has really seemed to get that, and now Bitfenix is looking to do that same thing.

Although, I will say that I do find it acceptable to put out forty degree bargain units. Most environments are never going to see fifty, or full power, much less both of those at the same time. This is why Corsair’s original CX units did so well in the marketplace despite being rated at thirty degrees.

Formula Gold 750W

There’s not much else going on with the box, so here’s one last shot for you with various certification marks. There’s also a warning that this unit is for PC/workstation use only. This means you should probably not try to shove it up your nose. I’m almost certain that would not be a wise idea.

Formula Gold 750W

Opening the box for the first time, we find ourselves a… really battered looking user guide. Not sure what happened there, but it’s all here.

Formula Gold 750W

In this shot, the user guide poses with the unit itself, a power cord, some zip ties, and screws. Nothing fancy for a nothing fancy unit.

The user guide is pretty well as good as it gets – I don’t think I’ll be deducting points for it later.