Enermax MaxTytan 800W Power Supply

Let’s take a look at a new Enermax unit today. As time has gone by, it seems that this once prominent brand has gotten kind of pushed to the side as companies like EVGA, Corsair, and Seasonic have risen to prominence. But Enermax is keen to show us that they can still get the job done, and have a new flagship line of Titanium efficiency units to prove it. We’ll check out the 800 watt model today and see if the competition should be worried.

PRODUCT: MaxTytan 800W
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MaxTytan 800W

Enermax has been relatively low key lately. Aside from a review I finished up for Tazz of the Platimax DF 600W, and a really cool SFX 650W unit, Enermax units have been quite scarce around these parts. And that’s a shame, because Enermax used to be the brand we all turned to when we wanted something decent that wasn’t an Antec or super high priced PC Power and Cooling unit. When my old AT 386SX rig needed a new power supply back in the mid 90’s, it was an Enermax unit that picked up the slack… that’s how long this company has been giving us decent stuff to replace the junk units that sometimes come in our pre-built systems.

Today, we are looking at a model from Enermax’ new flagship line of units that go by MaxTytan branding. I’ve got the 800 watt model, and it’s already looking promising from the front of the box. There’s that dust free rotation feature we first saw in that Platimax unit. Twister bearing fan. Semi fanless mode. 80 Plus Titanium. And finally, individual cable sleeving.

All of these are well and good, but it’s up to Enermax to show us they still have what it takes to compete at this end of the market. And since Enermax tells us that five year warranty is actually not correct and they have expanded it to ten years, there’s a good chance Enermax is up to the job.

MaxTytan 800W

But enough about the warranty. Let’s look at some more features.

I’m still way on the fence about that dust free rotation thing. This unit spins the fan in reverse on first power up to try and keep dust from getting into the unit. There’s some advantages there, however if your case is negatively pressurized this isn’t going to do jack squat to keep anything out. It just seems like it’s there to be a “hey, look what we can do” thing than anything really useful. But maybe that’s just me. Looks like Enermax has also added a momentary switch to trip the DFR feature at any time. Wonder how well that keeps the unit cool when it’s running full out and someone hits that button. Not that I can think of any case where you’d want to do that.

Enermax also makes much of the 160k MTBF spec on that Twister bearing fan of theirs. I’m still not too certain how well these hold up over time, but haven’t specifically heard of any issues involving them. We do have a five year warranty on the unit, though, so I won’t worry about that. Enermax says the unit turns the fan on at about 55% load at room temperature, so it’s not quite as fond of running fanless as the Andyson N700 design seems to, but I can’t say I mind.

Sleemax. Slee to the max. Better than Slawmax, I guess… I hate coleslaw. This is just the Enermax name for the individual cable sleeving, which is by no means an Enermax exclusive. I just hope these cables look better than the ones Thermaltake saddled their Titaniums with.

Fully modular? Good. Japanese capacitors? Good. DC to DC design? Good. Multiple protections? Good. Automatic input voltage support? Good. Fifty degrees at full load? Good. All of this is required at the high end now to compete.

MaxTytan 800W

It is time to get into this rather well done packaging and unpack the unit.

MaxTytan 800W

As is typical for Enermax, we have quite a few accessories to look at. I see a power supply in a blanket, some modular cables, a user guide, a case sticker, some screws, some zip ties, a retainer for the power cord, some modular cable clips, a power cord, and some Velcro ties.

The user guide is one big folded up sheet of paper. Better than nothing, but definitely not Silverstone levels of documentation. Dust free rotation isn’t even mentioned in there beyond where the manual activation button is.

MaxTytan 800W

Here are some of the accessories up close. I’ll show you how those cable clips work a bit later. They’re much like Thermaltake’s.