SilverStone SX650-G SFX 650W Power Supply

SilverStone’s been highly active in pushing power density to the utmost now for a few years. Quite frankly, this company has done more to put forward the SFX form factor than any other company I can think of. Now, we find ourselves presented with the SX650-G… a unit SilverStone hopes will fend off the recent competition posed by Corsair. Let’s see if this unit manages to do it.

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SX650-G SFX 650W

SilverStone sure has been expanding the world of the small form factor power supply, haven’t they? For the past few years, they’ve been making a concentrated effort to not only provide half decent SFX form factor power supplies, but push the limits of technology by developing SFX-L units with the highest power density possible with the highest efficiency possible. They now have an 800 watt Titanium offering in a housing smaller than my hand.

And not too many other companies seem to be competing yet. Sure, Enermax and Corsair released a couple of amazing units to light a fire under SilverStone, but the Revo SFX, SF450 and SF600 remain the only real units out there that look to be taking things seriously. And now here we are, and SilverStone’s releasing yet another model in the SFX space, which we’re looking at today: the SX650-G. Same housing size as the Corsair SF600 with just a little more power. Can it compete with the Corsair? That’s what we’re here to find out.

First, we do have some box pictures to go through. Supports SFX form factor, of course. Silent 92mm fan? We’ll have to take their word for it – I cannot test fan noise. All Japanese capacitors? Gotta love that. High efficiency goes without saying at the 80 Plus Gold level, as long as we get those numbers from it later.

Strict 3% regulation, eh? That doesn’t sound very strict to me. Of course, I’ve been reviewing these things for a decade now and have seen units go from averaging that number to less than 0.5%. It wasn’t so long ago that 3% was strict. But that was then and this is now… I do hope SilverStone’s brought a bit more performance than that to the table, because I score regulation pretty aggressively these days.

SX650-G SFX 650W

Now we’re on the back of the box. Most of the marketing took place on the front, so all we have here are a few graphical marketing points pretty much telling us everything we already know. Fully modular with ribbon cables. Has a fan. Efficient. 3% regulation and low ripple and noise. Can we move on now? Yes we can.

SX650-G SFX 650W

SilverStone wouldn’t be SilverStone if we didn’t have the color of the unit specified somewhere on the box, and this one is no different. We have a few other specifications to go along with that, as well as some connector counts.

Looks like full power is only guaranteed to forty degrees… that’s about the best we can do at this point in time for SFX units. Even the Corsair competition is running at a similar spec. The housings on these things are just too small to go for fifty, and it’s not like these will be powering servers anyway. No, actual server units this size need aggressive cooling, which means they get loud. Really loud.

Since loud fans and consumer units don’t tend to sell well, there has to be a compromise somewhere, and that compromise is at forty degrees.

SX650-G SFX 650W

Unpacking the unit, we find that other compromises have been made vs. past SilverStone SFX models. They now expect these to go into an SFX case, so no ATX adapter bracket comes with this unit. I’m not sure I mind that. I would have, however, liked to see some cable ties inside the box. Especially when these are still coming with two manuals.

As is, we have the usual SilverStone documentation overkill, modular cables, screws, power cord, and power supply.