Enermax Platimax DF 600W Power Supply

PRODUCT: Platimax DF 600W
PROD LINK: Platimax DF Product Page
PRICE: $159.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Platimax DF 600 Fan

We will start this page with a Twister bearing fan. It has so many twisters, I think I can see Reed Timmer freaking out from here.

Platimax DF 600 Top Off

The OEM on this one looks to be Fortech.

I can see two Y caps and one X cap starting the line filter at the receptacle.

Platimax DF 600 Internal Front View

I see two more Y caps, two more X caps, two coils, and an MOV finishing off the line filter. That’ll do it.

Platimax DF 600 Internal Primary Side View

The primary side of the unit shows us a big ol’ Nippon Chemi-Con main filter cap.

Platimax DF 600 Internal Modular Interface

The business side of the modular board uses Enesol polymer caps. No objections here.

Platimax DF 600 Internal Secondary Side View

I kind of like all these blacked out wires to the modular board, here. This does nothing for aesthetics beyond keeping the wires invisible through the fan, but it’s a nice little touch.

Platimax DF 600 Case Removed

Ltec polymers and Chemi-Con electrolytics are the capacitors of choice throughout the mainboard. Again, no complaints, though Ltec electrolytics would have me pulling points.

Platimax DF 600 Internal Rear View

The rear of the PCB without the modular board in the way. You can see the minor rail VRM over on the left by the yellow wire. You can see the Beatles over there in the yellow submarine. You can see my sandwich over there in the yellow trash can. That meat was NOT okay.

Platimax DF 600 Modular Interface PCB Solder Side

Soldering! Looking good here today.

Platimax DF 600 Guts

This here blue thingamajigger is the NTC shorting relay, which helps with efficiency. The pi filter parts for the standby output are just above it.

Platimax DF 600 Line Filtering

A close-up of the line filter parts around the bridge. Oops, there an X cap I didn’t count. Like this unit didn’t already have a good line filter already.

Platimax DF 600 Primary Electrolytic Capacitor

Have another look at the main filter cap. I dare you.

Platimax DF 600 Polymers Capacitors

A closer look at the Ltec polymers. These are ULR series parts.

Platimax DF 600 VRM

Two APW7073 controllers are found on the minor rail VRM. We’re back to Enesol for filtering here.

Platimax DF 600 Main PCB

Soldering looks acceptable on the mainboard. Could be a little better, but I’ll let it have the point.

Platimax DF 600 Mosfets

Four SM4201NA parts handle the 12V output for the unit.

A CM6901 acts as PWM controller today.

PFC control is done with a CM6502.

Hello, main switcher. There are two of these, or course.

The second main switcher is here, accompanied by the PFC diode and MOSFET.

Finally, we have two 15A bridge rectifiers. Let’s go score.