EVGA 750 B3 750W Power Supply

EVGA has a new line of units out to give all of you budget minded folks a helping hand – the B3 line. These units are fully modular and 80 Plus Bronze, raising hopes within yours truly that we’ll get some pretty sweet performance to back up the otherwise budget oriented efficiency level. Let’s see what the 750 watt model is all about.

PRODUCT: 750 B3 750W
PROD LINK: 750 B3 Product Page
PRICE: $89.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

EVGA 750 B3 750W

It is time once again to look at the offerings of the company Extremely Very Good Almonds. At least, that’s what I’ve always thought the letters in EVGA stood for. Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

Anyway, we’ve been looking at mostly the high end stuff from these guys over the past couple years. Their low end budget stuff, while not bad, has traditionally also been nothing worth writing home about. That’s true of most companies’ low end offerings, though… rarely do they attempt to innovate in product lines below the top of the line stuff, because innovation costs money and consumers in that market segment are typically not interested in anything beyond their wallets.

Today, however, may be different. EVGA has teamed up with Super Flower, currently one of the leaders in consumer power supplies, to try and bring us a little of that innovation at a low price point. The B3 series is a line of 80 Plus Bronze units created with that goal in mind, and we are looking at the 750 watt model today.

EVGA 750 B3 750W

While this is indeed a budget minded model, EVGA has still decided to brag about some rather desirable features. Here, we see that this unit is fully modular… always a plus. I like being able to remove cables to aid with installation. Stable power with low ripple and noise? Yes, please. Japanese capacitors? Gotta love that. LLC resonant design? Used to be expensive, now not so much. Switchable semi-fanless mode? Always nice to have that control.

What really interests me is the picture of the internal layout. It looks just like a Super Flower Leadex based unit, a platform so impressive the competition is still sweating bullets over it. In fact, there are some cost-down Leadex units we haven’t seen yet over on this side of the pond. I’m excited to see what this one can do.

EVGA 750 B3 750W

Here, we find more details of the semi-fanless mode as well as some specs. It’s “WHISPER SILENT,” apparently. I’ll run in this mode for all my tests so I can tell you when the fan comes on. Noise? Fuhgeddaboudit… you run things on load testers, those load testers get too loud to know how quiet the thing your testing is.

Why yes, I do type with a Brooklyn accent at times, though I’ve never been there. How you doin?

EVGA 750 B3 750W

Unpacking the box, we find a power supply, user guide, power cord, modular cables, a Berg adaptor, and some screws. No further mention will be made of that stupid Berg. Those things suck.

EVGA 750 B3 750W

Here’s the user guide. It’s very brief, but does contain all the relevant info. I’m not sure if I’ll be scoring against it… I’ll make that call later.